A Thinking Ape

Keeping up with the Apes!

A Thinking Ape is on the road and heading to Waterloo and Toronto again.

Check us at the following events! Don’t be shy, say hi.

Start It Up

Beer, Poutine and Startup Talk

Location: Chainsaw Saloon, 28 King St. N
Date: Thursday, January 17th
Time: 6:30pm

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You’re Next Career Startup Expo

Location: Hart House @ University of Toronto, 7 Hart House Circle
Date: Friday, January 18th
Time: 10am

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White Day Hackathon

We’re putting together the final touches for the White Day Hackathon!


Here are the judges:

Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch


Brenda joined the games industry in 2005 as Managing Partner and COO at Deep Fried Entertainment. In the five years that Brenda ran DFE, she brought five games to market for high-level publishers such as Take Two Interactive and Sega. Deep Fried’s focus on sports games moved Brenda to start a studio making games that appealed to her—games for women and girls. Brenda is currently the CEO of Silicon Sisters Interactive, a Vancouver start-up focused on quality games for females.

Kimberly Voll


A self-proclaimed ninja-cyborg-gamer-chick, Kim spends her days teaching computer science at UBC and her nights making games, designing interactive educational systems, crafting run-on sentences in her blog, and trying to take over the world. She is passionate about her students, digital media, and has been happily married to her iPhone for several years.

Eric Diep


Eric Diep is a co-founder at A Thinking Ape. After dropping out of UWaterloo Math, Eric spent considerable time in San Francisco and was one of the first independent developers to gain traction on the Facebook Platform.